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Family Law Specialist Las Vegas

If you need a family law specialist in Las Vegas, then you don’t have time to waste. I’ve been at this since the late 60s and have more experience and legal insight than anyone else you’ll find. I consult major law firms on cases of complexity. This is because I have more specific knowledge about the peculiarities of Nevada law as compared to other states. Let’s talk on a free consultation.

First, the urgency of your issue may be great, considering it could involve marriage, adoption, or a domestic relationship. In short, the heartstrings. When it comes to the law, the underlying power to coerce or pressure another entity can cost you everything. Bear in mind that this field of law is not the same as divorce law, which involves the division of wealth, property, and child custody. 

Be that as it may, no one knows more about the ins and outs of Nevada law- period. The benefit to you is the ability to get the answers you need, regardless of if you understand the question. Just by hearing the description of your circumstances, I’ll help you clarify your needs, define the field of law for which you need assistance, and show you a plan that addresses all personal and legal concerns. 

When we’re done, let me know if you want me to be your family law specialist in Las Vegas, if you want my help in other fields, or if you prefer not to retain me at this time. The choice is yours, and you’ll have my contact info. Feel free to recommend my free consultation to anyone else you know with a question involving Nevada law of any kind, including criminal, civil, individual, or business.

Helpful tips: https://nvbar.org/for-the-public/find-a-lawyer/lrs/family-law-and-divorce/

  • If you need a family law specialist in Las Vegas, then call me for my free consultation and see what the biggest law firms outsource me for assistance.

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