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Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorneys

If you’re looking for Las Vegas criminal defense attorneys, here’s why you should choose me. First, I’m in this city and have been doing this since 1969. Second, my expertise in Nevada law is so well-regarded that I consult professionally for the county and for other law firms. Finally, I offer a free consultation with no commitment. You can count on me to steer your right.

Needless to say, if this subject is weighing on you, this could be the most trying time of your life. Whether you’re the person in question or are trying to help someone close to you, accurate information is the only remedy to the ticking clock hanging around your neck. Once I learn the details of your situation, I can often times make a phone call or send a fax or email that secures a release from jail pending trial.

If I represent you, we’ll work together to build a water-tight defense. Depending on the case, I can appear with you before a judge to offer a plea bargain strategy that prevents trial in exchange for special consideration, such as reduced fines or sentencing. If it goes to trial, I can present a winning defense as well. It all starts with an accurate understanding of the problem, i.e., full disclosure. This is the only way to ensure that there are no surprises that can undermine my defense.

When it comes to Las Vegas criminal defense attorneys, I may not be the one you see on TV, but I’m the one they all call when they’re struggling to help their clients. It’s not that they’re incompetent. It’s that I have much more depth of knowledge and insight to provide, which is why I do a lot of consulting work for law firms and corporations. Call today to get started.

Extra help: https://www.attorneys.com/criminal-defense/questions-when-hiring-a-criminal-lawyer

  • If you’re looking for Las Vegas criminal defense attorneys, talk to one who’s been active since 1969.

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